Launch of Author Stock Photos!

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Welcome to Author Stock Photos!

What's this site for?

 Author Stock Photos are pictures taken with self-publishing authors in mind to aid in book cover creation. ASP are shot with an 18 mega-pixel camera (full camera detail in future post). The photos are covered with a watermark until they are purchased for use.

How much per photo?
No matter what photo you choose, there is a flat rate fee of $2 USD. That's a huge savings! Consider one site's photo rates: 
Your images never expire because they will be downloaded onto your computer. 
How do I buy one?
I only accept payment through PayPal. If you are interested in a photograph, e-mail me at authorstockphotos AT gmail DOT com with the number(s) of the photo(s) you're interested in. I'll e-mail you back with my PayPal e-mail address.
What kind of photos will be available?
I'm striving for a large variety! I live in New York City and will be photographing many districts of the city as well as areas of Brooklyn. Some of my most recent photographs have included pictures of a cemetery, horses and carriages in Central Park, blooming flowers, and a night shot of the Brooklyn skyline. 
How often will the site be updated? 
Often. I'll begin uploading photos immediately. I also take photo requests if you have a particular image in mind for your book cover. Give me as much detail as possible so I can strive for the image you want. I may NOT be able to accommodate all requests based on where I live, seasons, etc., but I'll do my best to work out something. 
Requested photos, which I'll send five sample pics to you, will cost $10 each.  

Is it of any benefit to you?
How many times have you (including myself!) visited a royalty-free photo Website? Maybe you've spent hours combing through expensive photos only to settle for a picture that "kind of works." It's my hope to provide inexpensive photos of the highest quality. Each photo will be taken with a "could this be part of a book cover?" mentality. No other royalty-free photo Website thinks of authors first!
The photos are also available for use on author Websites, promotional material, book trailers, etc. Endless possibilities!
That's the brief bit about Author Stock Photos! I can't wait to get the site filled with pictures!
Here are five photos shot last week so you can see what's to come!
1. Just before a storm at a cemetery (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30/12

2. Crane-like flower bud (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30/12

3. Dirt covered hand  (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30

4. Iron gate (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30

5. Tree stump hidden by grass (Brooklyn, NY) 8/30
To celebrate ASP kick-off, all of the above photos are for sale at half-price! 
Woot $1!  
Many, many more photos to come and don't forget to send requests. I hope this endeavor helps self-published authors find the cover image they've been searching for!
Team Canterwood

Important! Not to be missed announcement!

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Wow. This is perhaps the most difficult blog post I've had to write in a while.

Team Canterwood, I learned news today that is official as of a few moments ago. It's news that you, my readers who have stuck by my side since Take the Reins debuted in January 2009, deserve to hear first.

The Canterwood Crest series will end with the super special Home for Christmas. My publisher, the sales team, and many other people weighed in on this decision and thought carefully about it for a while. They love the series and it was a very hard decision, but they came to the conclusion that it was time to close the final chapter of Canterwood.

I JUST got off the phone call and learned the answer myself, so I'm in a state of shock/saddness/excitement about future projects. I'm feeling a million emotions!

But more than anything, I'm thinking about YOU. Each of you. I promise to give the last books all that I have and to make books that you will read and, hopefully, feel satisfied when you finish the final installment in this journey we've been on together.

I think back to Sasha. Jacob. Eric. Charm. The Trio. They hold such a huge piece of my heart. I will always be grateful to Alyssa Henkin who contacted me about Take the Reins and sold it and future books to Simon & Schuster.

I'm now thinking of Lauren, Drew, Taylor, Brielle, Ana, Riley, Clare, Cole and the New Class. Editor K and I will come up with the best possible send off for these characters. (Who knows--you might even see the old gang pop up.) :)

My deepest thanks to everyone at Simon & Schuster who went on this ride with me especially Bethany, Mara, Fiona, Alyson, Jess H, Nicole, Vanessa, Stephanie, Craig, Dawn, Lucille, Russell, Karin, Katherine, and Courtney.

Endless gratitude to Kate Angelella for wanting four books and ending up with waaay more! The series continued because of your vision and dedication. I would have been writing this letter long ago had it not been for you. <333

Okay. So, that's officially announced and we have books to embrace before it ends! I'm ready for COMEBACK to hit shelves within a week. Then we have PERFECT which is going to be awesome. And finally, we will say goodbye to the world of Canterwood in HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.

I love you all and thank you for supporting the series as much as you have.


Initiation's almost here! Time for PRIZES!

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It's almost heeeeerrrreeee!! (Can you tell I'm excited? Cuz I'm not. I mean, why would I be freaking out that Team Canterwood gets INITIATION tomorrow?! :D)

Some of you have already found it in stores (thank you, booksellers!) and a lot of you haven't yet. Whether you've grabbed your copy or not, I think it's time to party with prizes! How else are we supposed to welcome Lauren to Canterwood?

In honor of book number lucky 13, I've got some fab stuff (my faves!) up for grabs. Check it:

That's right! We've got AMAZING Hair Tinsel and Gelly Roll pens. (Thank you to everyone at Hair Flairs and Sakura of America for offering up these fantastic prizes.

(Here's a pic of me from last January wearing dark purple tinsel. I was signing a book for our very own Jill (<3!)--the model for Sasha.) :)

The prizes up for grabs:

4 winners will receive:

2 packets of different color Hair Tinsel and either pink or purple Gelly Roll pens (all Tinsel and pen colors chosen by me at random)

1 GRAND prize winner will receive:

Your choice of a 20 minute phone call or 20 minute Skype session with me!  We'll both work out a date and time via e-mail. :)

You must be a US resident to enter. Sorry, international readers!! Winners will be drawn at random and notified via e-mail. So be sure to leave yours!

You have TWO WEEKS starting tomorrow to do one of the following (some options will be worth extra entries!):

* Post a comment here about what you liked about Initiation after reading it

* (Worth 3 EXTRA entries) Send me a photo of you and your copy (it can be a paperback or Nook, Kindle, etc., of Initiation. I will NOT post the photo on my blog unless I have parental permission.

* (Worth 2 EXTRA entries) Post about INITIATION on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and leave the link in the comments, Tweet it to me, or tag me on Facebook. 

* Post a comment here about how long it took you to finish Initiation

* (Worth 2 EXTRA entries) link to this blog post via your Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc!

* (Worth 4 EXTRA entries) Create something at Polyvore for your fave CC character! 

* (Worth 5 EXTRA entries) Make a YouTube (or other video hosting site) video about Initiation. You can review it, talk about what you liked/didn't like, send a shout out to other members of Team Canterwood--whatever you like! Get creative! :) *Please DO NOT email me the video because the file size will fill my inbox and then I won't be able to receive your messages* Put the link to your video in the comments section of this post. 

* And . . . 6 EXTRA entries go to the person (judged not by me, but by an impartial Internet friend) who gets the most creative about celebrating Initiation's release day. 

The contest closes on Monday, January 16, at 11:59pm EST. I will e-mail the winners on January 17, so be sure to check your email! 

Good luck to all!

Now, other stuff:

Among other places, you can find copies of INITIATION at awesome places such as:

Barnes & Noble


Indie Bound


Books a Million

I've been thinking a lot today about all of Team Canterwood and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, amazing, intelligent group of readers. It makes me teary when I think back to the first e-mail I ever received about someone liking TAKE THE REINS. I can't believe the very first book will be out for three years later this month.


I would not be able to live my dream as a writer without EACH and EVERY one of you. Your messages keep me inspired, even on the darkest, tough days. I wish I could hug you all and be able to come up with better words than "thank you" for everything you've given me and the Canterwood Crest series. It would not continue without you.

I wish you all a very happy New Year! I've got copyedits to finish on POPULAR and then I'm starting to write COMEBACK. :)

Much love and cheers to 2012!

Team Canterwood

Update on Kate

I promised you all an update and Team Canterwood (and our friends, especially Alex, Lauren, Becca, Katherine, Bri, and Andi) have been so supportive with e-mails, Facebook messages, etc.

I don't want to put too much of Kate's personal medical history online, but this last visit at Mayo was good and bad. Good because we have a surgery scheduled. Bad because doctors still don't know how to stop/help her with the screaming pain she's in every day.

We're going back to Mayo for the third time the second week of October. Kate is going to have surgery where doctors will try to find a cause for her pain. It's extremely exciting to have this chance, but also absolutely terrifying because of the fear that they won't find anything.

So, we are both very nervous and anxious right now. Going back to the hospital is not fun. I don't know how Kate has done it so many times. She still edits Canterwood while living every day for the past year and a half with a pain that medication won't cover. Pain that makes her scream. It's heartbreaking to witness and there's a helpless feeling.

We thank you all for being there to back us--your support has brought happy tears to Kate's eyes more times than you know.

I ask you all to send good wishes into the universe for Kate on October 11th--the date of her surgery. I'll create a Facebook page as soon as I have time.

Thank you, guys. We love you all!


Pics from Rochester, MN B&N signing

This past Sunday, September 18th, I had the pleasure of signing books and doing a surprise reading of an
excerpt from INITIATION! :) The members of Team Canterwood who came were
AMAZING. One reader got a bright blue feather in her hair because I had
them! And Olivia brought me a lip gloss! So. Sweet.

The Rochester crowd was filled with TC people from all over--some even
driving two+ hours to get to B&N. I can't thank you all enough for
coming. I had so much fun. :)

Enjoy these pics and the video will be up soon!

Thanks to Kate for playing photographer. Thank you, also, to Brianna for helping with the event and Ross for filming.



#3daywat progress report

So many people are participating--I LOVE it! I think I'll open this spot for new comments if you want to check in, give a progress report, discuss your project, ask each other questions or for advice, etc.

I'm definitely going to host another write-a-thon event in the future. Next time, I'll give advanced notice and we can all hang out and write together virtually. :) I'm having so much fun.

My progress:

I rewrote chapter 1 of POPULAR (CC #14.) It was waaay too passive. Beginnings always take me the longest and it took about six hours to get the opening right. I edited and wrote more of chapter 2. Got stuck on chapter 3 and skipped ahead to a horse scene. My faves. :) Lauren's about to start a lesson with Mr. Conner. Horse scenes flow fast for me.

So, if you like, check in here or on the first 3daywat post.
Gaga Poker Face

Advice for #3daywat

If anyone has writing questions before our AWESOME Three Day Write-a-Thon begins tomorrow, read this link. I answered tons of questions from young writers seeking advice.

If you want to join, sign up on yesterday's post! We're hashtagging it as #3daywat on Twitter. :)

See you bright and early tomorrow!

Three Day Write-a-Thon! Join me! :)

I'm soo excited that it's a three day weekend after tomorrow! Well,
weekends or weekdays really don't make much different to me as a writer,
but it does mean no business related e-mails, stopping for publicity,
etc., so I'll be kicking off a Three Day Write-a-Thon on Saturday morning!

Want to join me?

If you do, cool! Leave a comment here that you're going to be
writing/editing/outlining, etc., and what you're working on if you like.
Throughout the weekend and Monday, check in here to cheer each other on
and report your progress. I'll be doing word count updates via Twitter.
:) I love writing with other people. It, um, keeps me from getting
distracted. Plus, it's embarrassing if I report back with a sad word

So, join me via Twitter, Facebook, my blog and let's WRITE!

I'm going to be outlining POPULAR and writing it, too. That's my project. I want to get as far as possible into it.

Team Eric or Team Jacob?

You KNOW you have your fave Canterwood boy! Are you on Team Eric or Team Jacob? These hot new tees are available now! :)