July 27th, 2007


I'm teaching Writing for Teen Magazines with Lamar U

This is cross-posted from Blogger, so sorry if you read it twice! :)

All right! My class info and an interview for Lamar University is online! If you're interested in my online class, check it out here (http://www.lulearn.net/writesite/index_files/Page359.htm). And for a quick interview about me, check here (http://www.lulearn.net/writesite/index_files/Page480.htm) and scroll down.

If you want to enroll, it's a 6 week online class from September 10-October 15. I'm only taking 20 students and several people have expressed interest, so sign up soon if you want to try it. Remember, you don't have to be a Texas resident to take the course.

It'll be six weeks of reading, writing and feedback from queries to non-fiction articles. You'll leave the class with a polished article and a matching query for a teen magazine.

Okay, end of sales pitch. :)
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